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Hi everyone! My name is Noelle and I am a Special Education teacher (self-contained, grades 3, 4, and 5!) After graduating, I started teaching Kindergarten!!! I had only applied to sub when I was called in for an interview! The following school year I moved schools and changed grade levels. I absolutely love where I am now and what I am doing!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday (and it's actually getting done on Friday)!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this weeks Five for Friday!  This week has been extremely fun, but busy!! We had so many fun things going on in Room S06.  Take a peek!

If you read my blog on Wednesday, you would have seen a picture for Wordless Wednesday with Ms. DeCarbo.  I had said that I would answer the question in a few days, well here it is.

This was my picture:

My question was: How do you store games, such as this, in your classroom?
Well, here is my answer and how I store my math games and manipulatives.  I am an extrememly organized person so storage is important to me.  I keep my games stored by difficulty.  I have a bin for Number Sense, one for Adding and Subtracting, and a third for Time, Money, and Multiplication (within this are also Fractions and Division, but my labels haven't been updated. Whoops!).  Each bin stores the baggies for the different topics.  When it is time for my students to use them they can go through and choose the game they want.  They choose a topic that they may be struggling with or review a topic that they know.  Here's what my math storage area looks like!:

The reason that the games are not in a closed container like the manipulatives is because they vary in size.  Currently this is a small work in progress.

For number two, I am choosing to talk about our two (that's right TWO) field trips this week!

On Wednesday, we went on field trip number one!  This is a favorite of many children.  In the city I teach in, there is a minor league baseball team.  The team donates tickets to a special day game to all of the elementary schools in the district (there are TEN elementary schools).  Because many of my students struggle with behavior I generally use field trips as an incentive, this was no exception.  The children's behavior had to go above and beyond the two weeks leading up to the field trips.  All of my children (some better than others) made it to the field trips!  For this field trip we take lunches with us and watch the game!

Field trip two: The Philharmonic.  Last year due to behavior issues, I did not attend this field trip.  However, this year I did and boy has the philharmonic changed since I had gone when I was in school!  Throughout the year the children learn many things in Music.  The Philharmonic produces a music book to be used in Music classes.  When you are at the show, you are a part of the show.  Children are instructed to bring their recorders with them.  They are able to play along with the orchestra because they learned the musical pieces at school.  They are also able to sing certain songs and dance if they want!  It is such an interactive show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My students did too!  It was great seeing them participate and watch the show!

For the past two weeks, we have been studying poetry terms.  We finished up learning our terms this week and will begin writing poems next week.  This week we focused on Similes and Metaphors

First we learned about similes.  The children learned that they had to use the words like or as in a simile.  We used these rainbow similes from The Learning Tree to create our own.

We then learned about Metaphors and how they do not use like or as.  We used a fill in from TPT, check out what this student put for Kindness! Too cute!

The children then completed a color sheet similar to the simile rainbow to compare the differences between similes and metaphors.  The "My Many Colored Days" is on TPT from Ideas by Jivey!  It was interesting to see how they chose similes and metaphors for the two sheets.  Poetry has been pretty perfect so far this year!

This week was reading week for our district.  This year reading week had a theme: Science.  Each day there was a different activity for the children to do at school and at home.  One activity that they worked on through the week was learning about a scientist.  They needed to be able to explain to other children and staff members what they had learned about their scientist.  I was able to use these biography sheets from Mrs. Schroeder at Schroeder Shenanigans.  The children learned a lot about their scientists and shared the information with the help of the biography sheets!!

The final activity for Reading Week was the Vocabulary Parade.  Each student chooses a vocabulary word and creates a sign or dresses up.  We then parade around the block as a school.  Once everyone has walked the parade route, all of the classes form a circle outside in the school yard so that everyone can see each other.  It's always a good time and looked forward to by many.  Parents are invited to come stand along the parade route and join in with their child once they have arrived back at the school.  The police and fire departments graciously help out so that nothing happens to our wonderful student body.  Because we have been studying about the human body, my students chose words from the subject.  I somehow had anchors on today (surprised? ha!) so I ended up going as Oceanography!  Overall it was a great ending to a very hectic, fun-filled week!

These are the signs that the children wore for the parade.

My sign.

Most of my class with their signs!

My assistant and I ready to go!

I hope you all enjoyed my Five this week, I know I did!  I am now ready for a little weekend fun!  It's almost vacation time, four more school days (Friday = No School next week).


  1. AHHHH thanks so much for the shout out!! Those planning sheets look great! And TWO FIELD TRIPS!? Jealous... We don't even get one!! Thanks again, girl!!

    1. I was actually nervous about having two.. Those are the only ones this year, which is great for them! Thanks again for the products!

  2. Your similies and metaphors anchor charts are sooooo adorable!

    1. Thank you so much!!! The kids love them, they always wonder what will be coming up next!