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Hi everyone! My name is Noelle and I am a Special Education teacher (self-contained, grades 3, 4, and 5!) After graduating, I started teaching Kindergarten!!! I had only applied to sub when I was called in for an interview! The following school year I moved schools and changed grade levels. I absolutely love where I am now and what I am doing!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School 2014 - Wednesday: Why

Organization.  The word itself makes me happy.  I love when everything is organized and neat (I guess I could be OCD about being organized).  Take a look and see how I keep myself organized in the classroom!

Again, These pictures are from last school year, and many things have been updated.

Behind my desk:

I keep everything that I use regularly throughout the year on these shelves. I keep the binder(s) that's needed at the time on the side of my desk.  All of my binders have been updated with new labels and spines.  They are color coated by subject.  I seriously love the binders and these two pictures do not do them justice.

I also keep the entire week's work filed on the day it is to be completed.  Everything for the following week goes in the final drawer for "Next Week."  Each night before leaving I take everything out of the next day's drawer and it goes into a folder on my desk also labeled with the day.

Library Area:

I love labels.  Everything is labeled for easy access.  The children know exactly which bins to look in to find a book within their level or the genre they need.  It's fantastic!

Math Area:

Again, labels!!! The labels with the pictures were actually found at Lakeshore! They are perfect for some of my student that cannot read the harder words.  My math area has improved since this was taken and looks a bit different now.

Stay tuned for my full classroom reveal to see more!  Until then, check out my TPT store to find some of these adorable labels!

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