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Sunday, April 26, 2015

RI Reading Week!!!

The week before our April Vacation, we had Reading Week.  Reading Week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole school year!!  I know that every school does things a bit differently or has it at a different time, but here's what our school does to show our reading spirit.

Each year there is a different theme for the week.  This year's theme was: "Be a Hero - Read"  The school decided to not make the week about comic book super heroes, but about real life heroes. 

Each day had a different theme to go along with the weekly theme:
Monday - Mixed up Monday (wear mixed up clothes)
Tuesday - Tip Your Hat Tuesday (create/decorate a hat to honor your hero)
Wednesday - Wear Green Wednesday (school colors)
Thursday - Literacy Day/Parade (dress up like your hero)
Friday - Flashlight Friday (wear pjs or comfy clothes and read with a flash light)

I decided that I wanted to have a special guest come in for a day.  I had two FBI Agents come into my room to talk about being a real life hero.  This was such an amazing day, the kids absolutely loved this special little treat!  

The agents came in and talked about what they did.  These two agents are two people that go out and find missing people.  We used that to an advantage.  Once I knew that's what they mostly did, I knew I wanted to finger print my students!  I sent home a permission slip the week before, but did not say who it was that was coming to the room.  

On Monday, I pulled out some books on finger printing.  I let the children guess who was coming right up until the guests came to the room.  They were so excited!

Here are some pictures of Reading Week!

On Monday, we began working on a sign to wear for the parade.  We also began writing about who our hero was with a template from Ashley over at Schroeder Shenanigans.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we created the signs to wear:

On Thursday we had the parade and special guests:

One of my student's dressed up as a scientist!

 My assistant dressed up as Rosa Parks.. and I dressed up as my assistant!

The kids got to try on the FBI Coat and Vest.. and so did I!

On Friday, the children finished their hero writing pieces!!!

What an eventful week before vacation!!!
Whether you are going back to work from vacation or just back after the weekend, I hope you enjoy your week!

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