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Hi everyone! My name is Noelle and I am a Special Education teacher (self-contained, grades 3, 4, and 5!) After graduating, I started teaching Kindergarten!!! I had only applied to sub when I was called in for an interview! The following school year I moved schools and changed grade levels. I absolutely love where I am now and what I am doing!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scheduling - How do you accomplish it all in one day?!

I am linking up with Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans  in 2nd for their monthly link up.  I know I am late, but here's my post!!

This month's topic is schedules! It's crazy to think of the amount of things that we fit into each day.  Well, here is my basic schedule:

This is the most basic form of my daily schedule.  Because I have a self-contained classroom, the times vary daily depending on how long it takes my students to complete their tasks.  There are many variables that can change the timing of the schedule, such as:
- Speech
- Occupation/Physical Therapy
- Counseling 
- School Store

Our schedule is also not the same each day.  Two days a week, itinerants are first thing in the morning at 8:15.  Because our schedule changed, I made schedule cards and change them daily to match our daily schedule.  Here's what my schedule board looks like.  You can find the labels in my TPT store or by clicking on the picture.

Now that you've seen my basic schedule, here are some of the resources I use.  Our district gives us programs to use, but due to classroom population, I often combine resources or use different ones for different groups.

For guided reading grades K-2 use Superkids while 3-6 use Harcourt.  I use both programs.  Based on abilities I choose which grade level or program to use.  This year I am using Harcourt for two of my guided reading groups (grade 2 for one group and grade 3 for another).  With another group, I use Fundations.  The district used to use Fundations, when they switched programs, I kept my Fundations materials.  I also use Reading A-Z books for another group.  This year I am not using Superkids for guided reading, but do pull from their grade 2 magazines for non-fiction resources.

For whole group lessons I use a book called "Guiding Readers and Writers."  Each student has a reading notebook that they use for independent reading to write letters to me about their stories.  The notebooks are also used for lessons based on different elements of reading (schema, connections, inferencing, etc.)

For homework, the students have a weekly fluency passage.  They have to read the passage three times.  They mark the words read correctly and the errors.  They also have a weekly reading log.  Each night there is a different topic/question to answer.

Within the first week of school I give my students the "Words Their Way" spelling test.  Based on their scores I group the students.  This year I have four spelling groups.  Each week spelling is completed in the same fashion.  They know that on Monday's they have a sort, ABC order, and Red/Blue (write the vowels in red and consonants in blue).  They know that spelling homework is always 2x each on Monday night.

For writing our district uses the program "Step Up to Writing."  I supplement based on needs.  I generally start each year with the basics.  We work on punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling.

Our district uses "Growing with Mathematics" and "The Key Elements to Mathematics"  I use materials from both programs.  I also supplement with other tools.  I have three math groups going on at this time.  Groups change depending on the topic and how long it takes a student to understand what is being taught.

During intervention I like to work with one or two students at a time.  While I am working with students, there are plenty of different tasks the other children can complete.  They are able to use the computer for Xtramath and Dreambox.  There are also two tablets that have different math apps that the children can use.  I also have many different games sorted by topic for students to play.  Finally, there is the "I'm threw bin"  I purchase a math and literacy version from TPT.  There are games and worksheets for students to complete during this time or if work is completed early.

There is always a math assignment for homework based on what the students have been taught.

I completely supplement social studies.  This year I used a post card exchange to begin the year.  The post cards came in October and since then we have used our US Passport to travel to each state.  

For science, I use Lakeshore Science Kits.  The kits were something I received through DonorsChoose.org.  I change up science each year since I generally have students for two or three years.  I have eight different kits to choose from.  They vary from Electricity, to Matter, to the Human Body.

Hope you enjoyed your peek into my schedule!!

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